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Welcome To The Oldest Mi-Ki Club

We are dedicated to preserving the original purebred Mi-Ki that Rev. Maureen Westberg bred in 1992.

All of the Mi-Ki in these historic stud books that were founded by Donna Hall in 1992 contain only Mi-Ki's originally bred by Rev. Maureen Westberg. These Stud Books are closed and always have been closed to assure that no other dogs from seperate breeding colonies that were founded many years later would not contaminate the first stud books. 

* A Closed Registry is a one, in which, the only dogs allowed to be registered or bred are the Mi-Ki in the original Stud Books from 1992 * 

We Want To Send You A Personal Invitation To Join Us

All Persons Owning or Breeding a Purebred Mi-Ki (per the original stud books)  are Welcome

The First 6 Months of Your Membership Is Free

Since 1992 many of the members who co-founded the very first Mi-Ki club are still active members of this club. The very first Mi-Ki Club was incorporated in the state of Wisconsin and was known as The Greater American Toy Mi-Ki Club. You can view this historical information by visiting the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions  

Our senior club members hold a vast collection of historic documents that show the very begining of the breed per Rev. Maureen Westberg.

These records include historical pedigrees that name the ear types, weights, colors, and country of orgin. The Stud Books founded in 1992 solely by Donna Hall have been recognized world wide, as the only accurate foundation Stud Records in existence today. They have been closely guarded and maintained by their founder Donna Hall, who continues to over see their intregrity today.   Dogs Club - All about Dogs
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The dogs that were purebred and their history, goes back to three breeds of dogs during development of the breed. They are said to be the Maltese, the Papillon, and Japanese Chin. No other breed was used in the development of the Purebred Mi-Ki according to these historic records.

Our club has received full recognition with the RVD/UCI, and this gives us the opportunity to show our Mi-Ki in 16 other countries around the world. We are very proud to receive this distinguished recognition. No other Mi-Ki club or registry anywhere in the world has received this honor. We work closely with Germany, and have co-founded a German based Club.

Moving Forward

Many other clubs and registries have now been formed, and we are happy to see the popularity of the breed grow, offering diversity among clubs and registries devoted to the pure bred Mi-Ki.

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