Health Issues You Need to be Aware of Before You get a Miki Dog

Health Issues You Need to be Aware of Before You get a Miki Dog

The Miki dog is a rare breed dog produced from a mix of the Japanese Chin dog, Papillion dog, and the Maltese dog breeds.  This mixture results in the gorgeous Miki dog; a very beautiful 11-inch dog with gorgeous soft hair and plenty highlights as if made in a salon.

The Miki is such a playful and friendly dog and often melts the hearts of those who see it. It doesn’t bark much and may at times make pussycat like groans when it needs attention.

This little dog is in demand in many homes because of its affectionate, sweet, friendly and adaptable nature.  It is widely used as a therapy dog in nursing homes, hospitals, hospices and to help patients recovering from mental disorders.

The Miki Dog doesn’t have any serious health problems, but just in case the obvious problems occur, it is wise to be prepared. Here are the few health issues you need to be aware of before you get a Miki Dog.

Patellar luxation

Patellar luxation is a condition that occurs due to a misallocation of the kneecap from its rightful position. A dog malformation from birth usually causes patellar.

Although Patellar can be identified a month after birth, some pet owners fail to recognize it. That’s why a veterinary examination is needed in the early days of your Miki Dog’s birth.

A veterinary officer can feel the dislocation by touching the hip area to feel the kneecap movements.  Some symptoms to look out for include skipping and abnormal hind limb movements.

Respiratory problems

Shorter muzzles obstruct the airway which leads to respiratory problems in the Miki Dog and other dog breeds with similar muzzles.

Signs that show that your Miki Dog has a respiratory problem include difficulty or open mouth breathing, snoring, panting, failure to swallow, coughing, frequent ear infections and gagging among others.

If you notice some of these symptoms, it is good to go slow on exercises and to feed your dog a bit sparingly to avoid obesity as this too increases respiratory problems.

If the condition is serious, your veterinary officer might advise that your dog gets surgery to sap fluid around the lungs. But if the condition is not that serious, a few drugs such as diuretics and the usual products may be prescribed for your Miki Dog.

Excessive hair between toes

This is not a disease, but the excessive hair between a Miki Dog’s toes trap dirt which breeds bacteria. Be aware that you will need to shave your dog’s hair often to avoid this health issue.

Here are some tips to help keep your Miki Dog healthy

  • Brush its teeth once a week
  • Give it a bone to chomp on frequently
  • Brush its hair
  • Walk your dog regularly