Unerstanding Prices

Prices very greatly in the Mi-Ki depending on many different factors.

First a person needs to understand terms a knowledgable breeder uses which are:

PET QUALITY: A puppy, young adult, or adult dog who sells for the lowest price, and is either spayed or neuter, or in the case of a puppy that is sold under a breeder / buyer contract that the puppy must be spayed or neutered. With the supply of the Mi-Ki becoming more available, pets start at $ 2,500.00 for a pet male, and $ 3,500.00 for a pet female, but may be higher depening on sex, and size. There is a very large demand for "pocket Mi-Ki" which only refers to their small size. Remember you get what you pay for.

BREEDABLE: All this means is that a knowledgeable breeder, who knows the dogs in the pedigree that they have breed for many generations feels that a BREEDABLE Mi-Ki should produce pups who meet the breed standard. Also a BREEDABLE dog usually has minor faults, that when bred to a male who doesn't have her faults, should produce better quality pups. Breedable never implies that a dog is fertile. Fertility is only known when a dog matures. A mature fertile dog, who has sired puppies or has produced a litter of puppies, is known a a PROVEN dog.

SHOW PROSPECT: This means that a knowledgeable breeder who has breed for many years, and has knowledge of movement, their lines, and years of breeding experience, can pick out an outstanding Mi-Ki with outgoing character, beautiful movement, a perfect bite (per the breed standard), a puppy who is curious, notices everything going on around them, very alert, etc. Please, if a breeder tells you that a 3 week old puppy is a show prospect, run the other direction. Breeders will usually hold back ( keep for a longer period of time, even up to 1 year of age), a puppy they consider a show prospect.

Puppies grow, and during growth, some times a show prospect puppy will not develop into a SHOW PROSPECT, but is usually then sold as BREEDABLE or even as a pet depending on the circumstances.


THE SEX: Females are always in demand much more than males, therefore are always more expensive that a male.

THE SIZE: Tiny Mi-Ki that are 4 pounds or under are high priced IF, and ONLY IF they are HEALTHY, demand high prices. BUT, those persons considering breeding should ALWAYS use a larger female at least 5 to 71/2 pounds. Females small than this almost always need a c-section ( surgery ) to deliver their puppies which run normally $ 1,500.00 and up. Small HEALTHY MALES are always much higher prices.

THE COLORS: First and foremost a Mi-Ki Puppy's Coat Color can change, when the adult coat comes in. An example is: Black can turn silver or blue. So if you are set on a certain color, a reputable breeder will warn you that  a puppy's color will probably change.

RARE COLORS: Some colors are extremely rare, and demand very high prices, some going for four figures.

a. RED: any range of RED or Red and White, but solid (Irish Setter Red Coloring) is extremely rare.

A Red Puppy

  An "Irish Setter Red" new born Mi-Ki Puppy









b. BLACK / and or BLACK & WHITE:  A Mi-Ki that stays Black is very rare and very much in demand.Pansey black white body

  If this new born Black and White keeps her black coat coloring she would be very valuable, but if this puppy's coloring changes to silver or blue it would be less valuable.


Solid Black Head Shot

4=Bio Refinery


Updated Black & White Head Shot (same new born black 7 white pup at right).




Top View



c. CHOCOLATE or CHOCOLATE DILUTE are rare.Ababychocolate

This is a puppy about 4 weeks old, and is a excellent example of a Chocolate Dilute. Dilute means her nose has no black, but is the same coloring as her coate color.






d. A TRUE CHOCOLATE DILUTE TRI COLOR. Only 2 are known to exist at this time, so they are extremely rare.pansey cho. dilute body

  This new born is a extremely rare Chocolate Dilute Tri Color.

  The Tri Colorin must include Tan on cheeks, legs, and under the   tail.

  * Please note that other Tri Colors also exhist, including, Black, Tan, and white.






e. A TRUE BLUE Pansey blue bodyMi-Ki Puppy

  This is a very nice dark blue puppy, with white toes. This dark blue would appear to the untrained eye to be black, but in fact it is a very DARK  blue.








Pansey blue white body

As you can see this is a LIGHTER BLUE Puppy due to it's DILUTE ( blue nose and absence of black pigment) gene.









This is a White Dilute Mi-Ki Puppy.  









In Conclusion: QUALITY always determines the final price of a puppy. The purebred Mi-Ki is RARE, even though there are more than there were five years ago. Demand is very high, so expect to pay for a normal healthy Mi-Ki with no breed standard faults at least $ 4,000.00. Please remember the experience of the breeder is always your best asset, and our breeders are the most experienced breeders there are today. They all have a long standing record of experience in this breed and other breeds as well, and most importantely, they test all breeding stock and the puppies they produce.

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